In our daily interactions we meet many people.
 A meeting of two or more happens within three parameters…
In attachment,
In detachment,
And in motivation.
In attachment ,
Simply reciprocate.
Give the moment … Love.
In detachment,
Give the moment …  Your Support.
And when a person comes motivated and inspired…
Perhaps it’s time for Us to become joyous.
Let’s enjoy a divine opportunity of meeting in the moment …

The Services I offer...

Taster Sessions

A great opportunity for a warm-up conversation.

Consultation Sessions

Dive deeper to understand how your past meets your present and affects your future.

Teens Sessions

Let me show you a new direction, encouraging you to follow your own path.


Yagya Healing

I offer 40 years ofmastery for your benefit and the evolution of humanity.

Home / Office Alignment

What are the vibes in your home and workplace? Both are a reflection of You.

Meditation Healing

I will hold your hand and gently guide You to the threshold of your inner being.

NEW ! Wedding rituals and mantra recitation by Nirmala

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