To know more about Nirmala Sewani read Maun: A Meeting With Silence

Born with an innate capacity Nirmala spells out imprints in paths covered, the present and the future ahead. All within minutes. She also accesses thoughts and answers questions way before you ask them. As she says, “Thoughts travel through vibrational energy within a frequency and I gather them up.”
At age six, Nirmala’s innocent ramblings carried hidden predictions and a clarity no one in the community could ignore. Her father supported these mystifying abilities thus granting her a rare freedom. As the number of people seeking answers increased, a ten-year-old Nirmala often ran to her room for a little chat with the Divine. “Please let my words be true this time and I promise I will never utter another prophetic word.” But then someone else arrived with an urgent question and this cycle repeated itself.
Then, one bright winter morning twelve-year-old Nirmala sat motionless for seventeen hours in the small temple room of her home. In her words, “ This was my first encounter with the sounds of silence. I sat still for all those hours in something that my adolescent mind did not need to format in words. And now after all those years, I still fumble to find one fitting expression for the finer, intangible quality of that vast space. I believe that words are a powerful medium of expression, yet silence is way more formidable because it is free from the weight of words. ”
Since then, Nirmala weathered thirty-five years of periodic silences in her environs – no escapism. She adores all the gifts life has to offer – sounds, colours, and fragrances. Following decades of study and research in Indian Astrology, Occult sciences, Yagya and mantra healing she is justly accepted as a Master of the arts with state recommendations and awards. As a woman, she is a force to reckon within a traditionally patriarchal profession. An inspiration to all who come after her.
Nirmala notably steers clear of any organisational attachments and titles. With clear principles, she champions collective progression through personal interaction. Working   relentlessly at grass-root levels, guiding people from all strata of society in her day and always accessible, she feels personal to each one.
Nirmala listens to Your reality, speaks with objective clarity and open acceptance, paving  pathways out of Your situations and difficulties.
Above all this Voice Whisperer treads lightly into the depths of Your heart… an elder sister, a trusted friend, a soothsayer, and a wise matriarch. All with an inviting laugh that engulfs each being along the way.
Nirmala speaks…
What is Divinity…I ask?
That which is absolute light.
And who are we then…I ask?
Nothing less than A spark of that light.
And where will we go…I ask?
Back …back to the depths of the wholeness we are a spark of.