Yagya Healing

Yajurved literally means the knowledge of Fire ceremonies. It elaborates on a profound concept – ‘nothing in creation is born or destroyed. It changes form and structure in ratio.’ Any such fire ceremony intensifies with the active participation of five scientific aspects – sound, light energy, speed and ratio, facilitating the manifestation of desired change.
I extend a warm invitation for you to feel your inner being. I performed my first Yagya when I was 13 and felt as if my being was transformed. In those moments I felt vulnerable, sensitive, and elated. I still feel the same each time I initiate one of the many specific healing Yagyas I have dedicated my life to. Agni – (Fire) cleans, renews, and realigns all that comes into contact with it. Through intense research, experiments, and profound experiences I have mastered subtle techniques to facilitate humanity at large.
I offer 40 years of learning, experience and mastery for your benefit and the evolution of humanity. Having conducted countless healing Yagyas for all who invite me into their spaces, I can assure you of their relevance. Situations do persist yet a steady, refined attribute  develops in your life making it easier to sail through the journey.
Powerful invocations well explained, smoke free, air purifying, and sensitive to your being, these ceremonies provoke you into the unknown. Book a consultation to assess a healing Yagya that suits your personal situation.
I have also initiated numerous communal Yagyas for the collective progression of humanity. Get in touch if you wish for one in your community/ organisation.
Time:120 minutes
INR 30000
I first met Nirmala Di in 2010 and felt a powerful divine connection. After several readings, she suggested a healing Yagya. This was a unique experience. For this ceremony, she uses a coconut, ghee, camphor, flower petals, and natural aromatic oils. While performing, she pauses in between, elaborates every step, and their significance, so that a person can understand, and associate himself/herself with the rituals. Each time she recites mantras, I feel a resonance surrounding me with enormous positive vibrations that last for a long time.
Auromon Chakrabarti
English (UK)