"The information Nirmala reveals, provides tools and clues to making better choices." Chirag Juneja

I first met Nirmala Di in 2010 and felt a powerful divine connection. After several readings, she suggested a healing Yagya. This was a unique experience. For this ceremony, she uses a coconut, ghee, camphor, flower petals, and natural aromatic oils. While performing, she pauses in between, elaborates every step, and their significance, so that a person can understand, and associate himself/herself with the rituals. Each time she recites mantras, I feel a resonance surrounding me with enormous positive vibrations that last for a long time. Interactions with her have been enlightening, as she guides my entire family to understand our past, present, and future. Nirmala Di is a compassionate, master astrologer with exceptional intuitive abilities. She gently nudges us to stand back and observe life from a different perspective. Nirmala Di is courteous, professional, and helpful. If you are looking for a profound mentor with integrity, your search ends here.
Auromon Chakrabarti
For two decades, Nirmala Di has guided me through counselling sessions. She is gifted with a rare combination of intuition, insight, and wisdom. Her uncanny ability to pick up vibrations in a voice remains a mystery to me. During low phases in my life, she passes on her strength to persevere and never give up. Her solutions work like magic too. She has performed healing Yagyas with successful results. Nirmala Di gave me precise information on my future son-in-law, years before I met him. I trust in her as a friend and guide. Thank you, Nirmala Di.
Radha Umre
In September 2012, diagnosed with acute liver failure and the family admitted me to Kings college hospital, London on a life support machine. Senior doctors called my family warning them of the life-threatening condition I was in and their inability to do much after the 72-hour intensive observation period was over. My husband phoned my sister in Australia to inform her of the situation who immediately phoned Nirmala Didi in India who instantly guided her over the telephone on what to do next. Nirmala Didi gave her specific instructions to sit in meditation and pray for me. In the meantime, she performed healing Yagyas. As the 72 hours were passing by, doctors at three different times decided to switch the life support machine off but each time there was a minor change on the monitor of the liver function, which was the positive sign as far for doctors. The doctor did not contact my family, as they were not sure what was going on. Extending the 72 hours observation time, doctors began seeing a slight improvement through liver tests although the shift was miniscule. Much later one doctor said she still cannot explain how the change occurred. When my family found out what my sister Sarika had done, they centred all hope on divine intervention and Nirmala Didi’s continuous efforts. Doctors informed my family of the slight improvement as the liver readings improved daily. This information was relayed back to my sister Sarika and Nirmala Didi. Nirmala Didi informed Sarika of a certain date and once this day passed, I would recover. As the date got closer, my toes showed slight movement and my liver started functioning. With doctors and their teams looking after me, I recovered. There was no hope, yet I am living a healthy life today. To this day, doctors at King’s college are puzzled as they say, ‘we did not use any medicine or treatment. Just keen observations on the patient and the life support machine.’ After three years I met Nirmala Di on my first travel back to India. I cried as I thanked her. In sharing my story, I hope to pass on the gift of a beautiful guide to all who may need a light in their moments of darkness. She is a beacon of hope.
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Ruchi Soin
I have known Nirmala ji for three decades. Her uncanny ability to access thoughts and vibrations in a voice leaves me dumbfounded each time I think of it. Her accuracy in predicting every aspect of my life since I was a young adult impressed my non-believing husband and he too looks for her guidance today. I recommend Nirmala ji to all young people for counselling/ directions and tools before embarking on life’s unmapped journey. Amazing precision and powerful insight.
Simi Power
I am lost for words in trying to comprehend Nirmala Didi’s gifts and natural insight. Eighteen years ago, my husband met with a fatal car accident. With his survival hopes minimal, I was desperate. My sister suggested Nirmala Sewani and I contacted her with little expectations. She showed me a ray of hope when I felt complete darkness. Through intensive Yagya and Mantra healing, my husband recovered within a month. My father-in-law was diagnosed with cancer five years ago. Nirmala Di has since supported his physical pain and mental wellbeing through Mantras and Yagya healings. She has supported me through counselling, teaching, and exuding the strength that she herself has within her. Nirmala Di is an elder sister…personal and caring.
Mridu Agarwala
Nirmala is a blessing in my life. My son was critically ill. Hospitalized on the 4th of Oct 2007, he did not respond to any medication, and all diagnosis seemed futile. I consulted Nirmala and embarked on a combination therapy with healing Yagyas and gemstones. In the first few days of Dec 2007, my son began showing signs of improvement till one day he just got off the bed and ran out of his room. I could not believe the miracle. The staff discharged Kapil from hospital on 7th Dec 2007. At home, Kapil said, ‘In hospital, I often found himself wandering in a maze of tunnels unable to find my way out, till I met an aged white bearded man dressed in white, who held my hand and guided me through.’ Nirmala confirmed that he was none other than her spiritual teacher.
Renu Gupta
With ailing physical health, no clear diagnosis after endless medical tests and lowered confidence in 2013, I met Nirmala Sewani at a friend’s insistence. After inquiring my date of birth, in the next few minutes, this lady described everything I was going through as if she was reading my whole being. I am yet to comprehend her ability. Sceptical of her solutions at the beginning I reluctantly gave in and performed a healing yagya. I saw tangible results within a week and was out of the mess in two months. After that, I have grown, professionally, socially, and spiritually under her guidance. I will always remain grateful for her immense love and insight.
Rashmi Rajput
Nirmala Di prophesizes accurately within the snap of a finger. Her ability to access thoughts and the vibrations in a voice leaves me speechless. With all the answers to my questions in an instant, I have been able to solve the jigsaw puzzles so far in my life. Nirmala has counselled me out of severe depression, fears of cancer, paranoia and phobias that lay deep in my psyche. She is a guiding star and my route to hope and peace.
Deepa Juneja
At my hour of need, Nirmala Sewani guided me into clarity, perseverance, and the will to follow my path. After learning the required skills, I walked ahead in life while Nirmala Di continues to support me in the background. I have followed her insight since I first met her. For me, she represents the magnitude of a powerful Healer.
Sudhir Mathur
When I initially met Nirmala Sewani in her office two decades ago, she asked if I had a question. I inquired about my brother’s future. In the next ten minutes she told me the tiniest details of our lives - past, present, and future. Years later, I still cannot comprehend her innate ability and sheer accuracy. Everything came true. Nirmala Di counsels with rare wisdom and deep insight. Her kind words empower me to trust life, walk in faith and never doubt. A spiritual connection, I cannot resist.
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Poonam Sharma
Sixteen years ago, I called Nirmala Sewani out of sheer desperation. Within minutes she identified the problem, its roots, and then suggested solutions. Impressed, I placed complete trust and confidence in her insight and wisdom. A beautiful friendship blossomed since. I highly recommend her as a master healer, predictions, powerful Yagya healing, Vaastu and counselling. Nirmala Di… a beautiful woman with a beautiful heart.
Lalita Kaycee
I met Nirmala Ji after reading an article, on her exceptional voice reading abilities, in a local newsletter, ‘Flash.’ This was October 2004 when I was desperately seeking a suitable life partner for one of my daughters. Nirmala guided me to the astrological obstruction in her chart, suggesting detailed Yagya healing as remedy. In January 2005, my daughter married as per the predictions of her future husband. In 2006, Nirmala ji performed another healing Yagya for my youngest daughter who was diagnosed with a rare disorder resulting in a brain stroke. She had no further damage after the Yagyas. In the next two months she recovered completely. I vouch for the predictive accuracy and profound healing techniques that effect every aspect of my life.
I recommend Nirmala’s guidance, counselling, and insight into the future to anyone looking for direction. Her natural gift in reading a voice leaves me amazed to this day. Above all she is a humble human being always willing to help.
Namo Narain
During the 2008 financial crisis I met Nirmala Sewani for a counselling session. After one intense Yagya healing and other alternative therapies, I found mental stability to deal with business and bounced back in no time. Nirmala has priceless capacities, impossible for me to comprehend. I have recommended her to one and all with 100% confidence. The results have been satisfying and accurate. She also performed a Yagya healing for a desperate cousin helping her conceive when she had given up all hope. Highly recommend her services.
Arun Jain
Nirmala Di is an invaluable and rare guide for young people. The information she reveals, provides tools and clues to making better choices. I recommend a session with Nirmala Sewani before embarking on career choices and Life adventures.
Chirag Juneja